Democrats Plan To Confiscate Guns in NY

New York Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin took a grand leap and posted the plans of NY legislatures to actually confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. The 2nd Amendment does not restrict the type of arms anyone can own., We can at least agree that no one needs a bazooka, a fully automatic weapon, or a tank to protect their property, hunt with, or protect from tyranny. We can also agree that STATE background checks and arms training conducted. The goal is to get the guns out of the hands of the people who use them to kill people.

However, it seems the government has no problem when drug cartels or criminals own these weapons. If they truly wanted to curb gun violence they would crack down on felons with guns. This would jeopardize police funding. Less violence from criminals = less police on the job, a threat to Unions.

You all do know that Governor Cuomo’s during his rush to pass his legislation, did not include an exemption for Police in NY. His eagerness and lust for gun control just jeopardize every NY citizen. Love those logical Democrats.

When we have government officials try to circumvent the Constitution because they think they know what is good for their citizens, we have the makings of a Marxist. Yes, you heard me. The first thing Hitler, Mao, Stalin and all the other dictators did was to confiscate the guns from law abiding citizens. Once that occurred, each of these Marxists slaughtered millions of people. Citizens had no way to defend themselves from tyranny.

The Founding Fathers placed this into our Constitution to secure the new American citizens from the tyranny of a British King. Everything they fought for during the American Revolution was for freedom. My forefathers fought in this war. You may not agree with them, but most of us do. The 2nd Amendment indicates that “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state“. In colonial times the militia was ordinary citizens. When it was necessary citizens formed the militia, a militia that needs arms. This comes to the second part of the amendment “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed“. Thus no laws to restrict the right to own a gun and the ammunition that goes in that gun, that is a given.

During colonial times the guns were not as sophisticated as they are today. Many were muskets or pistols. I am pretty sure our Founding Fathers foresaw that Arms would improve and described them generically for that very reason.

Just because something did not exist at the time of the Constitution does not make it null and void. Democrats argue that AR-15 or any other assault weapons didn’t exist at writing of the Constitution, thus not protected. Well okay the Internet isn’t protected either under that premise. Free speech on the Internet would not exist. Cable News did not exist either, thus not protected. Anything that did not exist at the writing of the Constitution would become null and void under the Democrats argument. We are in modern times; the Constitution does not change at the whims of any government.

If we cannot uphold the Constitution as written, we have just turned a Republic into a dictatorship. We will have the same President as long as Venezuela has had Hugo Chavez and Cuba has had Castro. Last I checked Cubans made rafts to escape Cuba’s dictator and oppressive government. Yet many Democrats seem okay with this type of government, well of course, they envision they will be in charge.

Gun control has never worked for the simple reason it goes after the law abiding citizens and not the felons or mentally ill patients that should never own, much less be around guns. The previous ban on “assault weapons” never worked. The criminals still had the guns. If you talk to a Democrat you get the impression they think criminals follow gun laws, but their ultimate goal is to remove the obstacle of guns from the citizens and forcing their government onto the people. They cannot effectively execute their agenda if the citizens are armed. Think about this. They don’t care about your protection; they only care about keeping power and dictating to the American people how they should live in their fantasy world. Armed citizens will fight back if their freedom is at stake. Most citizens do not want to take up arms against our government, but our current government wants to create a revolution with its citizens. Obama and his administrations follow Saul Alinsky’s “Rule for Radicals”; they are all about Revolution. Read up on Agenda 21 by the U.N. I wrote an article on this subject also.

Yeah, I know crazy talk, but mark my words one day you will be saying, “Oh my, she was spot on”.

Now let’s get to Colorado. Governor Higgenlooper, a Democrat might have similar plans as Governor Cuomo of New York. He has already hinted at making sweeping changes similar to Governor Cuomo. He has talked about removing Concealed Carry permits. I for one love the idea that my community college where I teach allows Concealed Carry. I realize I am not 100% protected, but I have a better chance of not running into a gunman than if it were a “gun free zone”. Nothing waves “we are sitting ducks” like a place who announces we are a “gun free zone”. We also have armed police. We now have two gun ranges nearby. Yeah, my college is less likely to be a target.

So Governor Higgenlooper, I will put you on notice sir. If you do anything to infringe on the 2nd Amendment, I will do everything in my power to ensure your reelection fails or I may even start a petition for your recall. I have already contacted by Republican Congressman about my wishes to protect the 2nd Amendment in the state of Colorado.

When you pass unconstitutional laws because you think you know what is best for people, you are committing the greatest sin of all: Treason. It also makes you arrogant and a narcissist. I say to you, “Who the hell do you think you are”? My safety and the right to protect myself trump your fantasy world.