Returning to Blogging

I’ve been away from my blog for quit awhile. There is no one particular reason why I stayed away, but a cadre of reasons. The current political climate is driving me to return. I support and voted for Donald J. Trump. He is our President. I don’t care if you don’t like him. I didn’t like Obama, so we are even.

The left has gone off the deep end and now suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The think that the entire country must operate under the rules. I’m sorry your beliefs don’t Trump my beliefs and what I feel is good for my country. I’m willing to work with the left, but some of you are so feral, the only thing you need is a cage. It sounds harsh, but then again you’d cage a feral cat or dog; maybe even put it out of its misery. No I’m not advocating killing anyone, unless it’s with kindness.

I’ve never seen Democrats like this. It’s like they lost their collective minds. What does this mean for Colorado. Well Michael Bennet is one of those out of control Democrats. Many Democrats are embracing Communism and Socialism. Two government ideology that has never worked anywhere. We must keep Colorado neutral at minimum, conservative at best. Democrats do not understand consequences of their actions and they don’t care as long as it serves their agenda.

Look for some post soon.


Name Change

Some of you may have known me on Twitter as Grandma Warrior. Twitter has been playing games with Conservative accounts and now suspended my Grandma Warrior account. I had 10,000 tweets and about 400 followers. Twitter has claimed I violated their TOS. I was tweeting Liberals and blue checks with the truth.

I’ve have been bullied by Twitter and occasionally get what I call timeouts where they limit my account for almost 12 hours, suddenly then thrust into a “I’m not a Robot” window where I must prove I’m not a robot with their Captcha images or give them my mobile number.

I can only surmise they are afraid of me. I have left Twitter for good. You can now find me on as Grandma Warrior. I will never go back to Twitter until they are bought out by a Republican or Conservative.

While Gab is not Twitter, it is getting improvements daily and has numerous topics and groups. It’s fully free speech, so be aware you will get any and everything. You can mute people and stop people from reading your posts. I can’t call them tweets, but I guess you could call them your gabs.

Grandma Warrior



Companies today seem to be wanting the world when they hire people; young millennial, senior level workers. They look for that utopian candidate, already trained with numerous years of experience. Companies no longer want to mold employees into their ideal candidate. Internal training programs have pretty much died. While, I understand they want people who can hit the ground running and can get up to speed in a short period of time, are they shooting themselves by not considering someone who has the knowledge, capability and older, but not necessarily have actual work experience in a work environment?

JobAd Companies might advertise a “junior” position, but then demand intermediate or senior level knowledge. Stop saying 0-3 years and then dismiss the 0 to 2 years of experience in that criteria. Frankly, companies don’t know what they want. Companies advertise their utopian wish list, in hopes they will find someone with all their wishes and dismiss the people who have 3 of the no longer find real entry-level or junior openings. So if a person in the IT arena with over 20 years IT experience in various technologies can’t even get in at the entry-level or junior level, how in the hell do you ever expect them to get to the intermediate or senior level? Frankly, I’m thinking my Master’s in Computer and Information Systems was a waste of time and money. All the thousands of dollars investing in books and/or software to learn the new “emerging” technology has all been a waste. Continue reading