Liberals Claim of “White Privilege”

If you are a frequent visitor to Twitter or or the MSM media sites and read post from Liberal Progressives’ you are bound to hear the term “white privilege”. What is “white privilege?” Progressives invented this term to bestow to Republicans, Conservatives or Independents for being born white. Notice they are never included in this terminology. I can certainly tell you I did not grow up in privilege and I will not apologize for being born white. That is what Progressives want you to feel. I will not and cannot apologize for something I had no control over. I am guilty of nothing, but trying to love humankind.

Wikipedia defines “white privilege” as this:

White privilege (or white skin privilege) refers to the set of societal privileges that white people benefit from beyond those commonly experienced by people of color in the same social, political, or economic spaces (nation, community, workplace, income, etc.)

Many of the Progressive’s claims have fallen by the wayside and they continually change terminology to reinvent a failed word or phrase; “white privilege” is one of these words. Remember, when “Global Warming” was “Global Warming“, but now it’s “Climate Change“, but I digress. The worrisome part of this new terminology Liberal Progressive professor in our colleges pushes this phrase to their students. They teach them that “white” skin had special privileges over any other skin color and that they should feel guilty because, well THEY are holding down other minorities. Sometimes “white privilege” disguised as “Critical Race Theory“. Progressives continually claim that us “white” folk cannot recognize we have this privilege because we have “white” skin. Yet again, they do not include themselves in this description as they have “evolved”. This is just a ruse to get minorities, mainly blacks, to buy into their phony goods.

White privilege is a myth, plain and simple. Do not buy into to this, once again, racist and bigoted view by Liberal Progressive Democrats. Ask yourself this one question, “What group of people continually defines everyone by the color of their skin?

“I am sitting in my University of Texas office, talking to a very bright and very conservative white student about affirmative action in college admissions, which he opposes and I support.” — Robert Jensen School of Journalism University of Texas 1998

[Robert Jensen is a big proponent of “White Privilege”. How about “bright and conservative student…”]

“If you are able to introduce a white person to a new cheese, it’s like introducing them to a future spouse.” ― Christian Lander, Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions

[Why not just “Stuff People Like…”]

“This is great: how to teach (white) children about white privilege & structural injustice:” …
via Twitter Laura Seay

[Really how about just “how to teach children about responsibility and how to treat people”]

“Gay, Jewish white supremacist stalks Anderson Cooper” twitter New York Post ‏

[How about “Lunatic guy stalks…”]

I could go on and on, but you catch my intent. If we keep buying into a bill of goods Progressives are selling, we will never solve anything. Progressive’s benefit from keeping “racism” alive. Until we truly all follow Martin Luther King’s dream, there will be someone who will judge you by the color of your skin and not your character.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying racial discrimination never existed and that some blacks mistreated because of the color of their skin. If I were able, I would have walked with Dr. Martin Luther King.

There is no doubt from 1865 to late 1980’s blacks were discriminated against and experienced racism. They forget Democrats created the “Jim Crow” laws, voted against segregation, and even pushed to take the vote away from blacks in the 1870′s. Even LBJ said, “We’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” What kind of man says stuff like this but a true racist?

In addition, Democrats will claim that Senator Robert Byrd saw the error of his ways and dropped his KKK leanings. I call bull malarkey on that one. He was a “Grand Wizard” for heaven sakes; a leopard does not drop its’ spots.

Progressives believe the black community’s downfall is the “white” man’s fault and they use this term to gain the support of black voters. Unfortunately, the race merchants of the black community join in their phraseology and parrot the same rants.

Progressives always look for someone they can use and victimize them by getting them to claim victimhood. Progressives never feel it is an individual’s responsibility to create his own path. The problem is that the Progressive cannot see they are their own worst enemy. They continually tell minorities if were not for them, they would be nothing. Bribing people by giving them things to win votes is just plain manipulation. The black community is poorer today than they ever have been in the last 50 years. They do this for votes only. They do not give a rat’s patooty about how well you live or do not live.

Blacks, under the Democrats, are more enslaved than they ever were during slavery over 148 years ago. You can see this in the schools. Why do you think schools are failing? If they keep minorities, uneducated manipulation is easier by promising big things if they vote for their candidate. Then like clockwork, they renege on those promises and the minorities remain exactly how they were before all the promises. If Democrats, while in complete power, did not bring you out of poverty then, why would they do so now?

What I do not understand is how blacks buy into the Democrat promises? They actually think they dropped all their racial animosity towards the black and Hispanic communities. They also forget the KKK was and still are Democrats. However, they have managed to manipulate them to thinking it is now the Republicans who are the “racist”. Only those who seek the truth and use the intelligence God gave them will break the chains from the Democrats and move off the plantation.

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger believed in eugenics, the ethnic cleansing of undesirables. This includes “black babies”. Planned Parenthood has killed more black babies than white. Why is not the black community outraged over this? Progressives have convinced women it is a “women’s rights” to kill her baby. Can you not see the sick, twisted way they have manipulated you? Whoever supports Pro-choice supports these actions.

If Pro-Life groups really wanted to eliminate blacks or other ethnic groups, why would they fight so hard to keep your babies alive? Let that sink in for a minute. Then tell me who wants to kill your babies?

I will not define you by the color of your skin, but

How you treat other people,

How you present yourself to others,

How you speak to other people.


One thought on “Liberals Claim of “White Privilege”

  1. Here’s my take on white privileged. It’s a real, but VASTLY overused, state, which is often used as a scapegoat.

    I’ll liken it to Affirmative Action as a pretty good metaphor. Affirmative Action is, of course, real. It’s intent was to find a way to legislate equality into areas where it did not exist. The result is that many good employees got good jobs they were qualified for, and weren’t turned away just because of the color of their skin.

    Now yes, there are *some* who got jobs they weren’t qualified for, or who claimed discrimination when really they were not the best candidate. But it’s unlikely this is more than a token margin percentage.

    The problem is, many people like to lay any claim to having earned their job at the feet of Affirmative Action. That guy only got the job cause of AA. That gal only got hired cause of AA. They can’t fire her, even though she’s a bad worker, because they’re afraid of getting sued…

    Now that’s how a lot of people use white privilege. Rather than acknowledging that many white people are *not* getting anything out of being white, *don’t* have inherited money (because no, a lot of us don’t!), didn’t get picked over another more qualified candidate just cause we were white, a lot of people like to paint the broad brush of white privilege over the whole picture.

    The truth is, many people of color work their asses off for what they have, they didn’t get some special boost because of affirmative action. Many white people work their asses off for what they have, and didn’t get some special boost because of white privilege.

    But yes, *some* people may have gotten positions they weren’t qualified for or didn’t earn because of affirmative action, hiring quotas, or a general fear that not hiring/promoting would carry the accusation of racism.

    And *some* white people have gotten benefits they didn’t deserve because they’re white in a society where they are not expected to work as hard to earn what another has to work twice as hard to get.

    So why do I say white privilege is real? It isn’t about having a privileged life, or more money, or more opportunities or any of that.

    It’s knowing I won’t get shot in my driveway for looking through my car at 3 AM. It’s knowing I won’t get followed around stores like a shoplifter just because I’m not buying something. It’s knowing a cop isn’t going to pull me over and ask me how I could afford the car I was in. It’s even knowing I don’t have to put a fake name on my resume just to get a call back.

    I can still be poor, I can still have no chance at college, I can still be discriminated against for my accent or nation of origin, I can still face harassment, and I can still go through all the crap this life has to throw at me. I can even still be harassed because I’m white, or be accused of being racist because I’m white so I have to be, or be told I’m not allowed to go somewhere because I’m white and I wouldn’t be welcomed.

    But white privilege means that in this society, there are some things I know I won’t have to deal with just because of the color of my skin. Statistically, I’m more likely to get interviews. I’m more likely to be shown greater opportunities at banks or real estate offices. I’m less likely to serve jail time for the same crimes. I’m less likely to be stopped by police for being suspicious. I’m less likely to be even *seen* as suspicious.

    That doesn’t mean I always get interviews, or even get the job if I do. That doesn’t mean I get carte blanche at banks and real estate opportunities. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever serve jail time, or be stopped or arrested, or that no one will ever see me as suspicious or threatening.

    But statistically, where I get more positives, others get more negatives. That’s all white privilege is. It doesn’t mean my life is privileged, it just means there’s one less layer of crap to deal with.

    So I agree that the term is often misapplied, over-used, misunderstood, and tossed around like a bludgeon. It’s become a weapon with which some attack or an excuse to dismiss, just like affirmative action can be. But there is still a core of truth to it that shouldn’t be ignored just because people use it incorrectly.


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