Biography of Grandma Warrior

Grandmother image
Grandma Warrior


As a Conservative Christian woman, I don’t sit idly by and keep quiet like a “good little woman”. Sometimes my views are spot on and unrelenting, sometimes they are supporting and heartwarming, sometimes they might make your head explode. I am not here to please anyone. My views are my views, I own them. You may not like them, but at least you know where I stand. Here are some of the things I support:
  1. God – Master and creator of the universe
  2. Jesus – My Savior
  3. Bible – God’s word
  4. Family – Seven grand kids – one in heaven.
  5. Pro-life – killing a baby is murder no matter how you color the reason.
  6. Conservative women and men
  7. Glenn Beck – thorn in sides of the left – hallelujah
  8. Rick Santorum – strong family values
  9. Golden Retriever’s – they are always so cute.

I chose to remain anonymous as conservative and as a Christian my views usually get some nasty people making death threats, using vulgar language or other type of statements.  Although this site has not experienced such actions yet, I have had numerous threats and language on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter even if you are a Liberal, but if you begin to disparage me or become vile, you will be blocked.


6 thoughts on “Biography of Grandma Warrior

  1. I just read your article on Twitter Shenanigans – it looks like they did it to you again : ( I’m ticking the Notify me of follow-up comments via email; if you have access to that in your WordPress control panel, email me with details of how you were suspended – I hope it wasn’t on my account.


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