Twitter Shenanigans

Twitter Wars: Part Deux Trey

Update: 6/23/2012

Well here we are on my third suspension and Twitter has not bothered to address the issue of those who purposely spam block Conservative voices. Their latest trick and childish game is to focus on # hashtag entries. They seem to target #StopRush or #AnythingAboutObama. They do seem to leave alone well named Tweeters such as Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin or those who have large “syndicated” blogs. So us peon Conservative bloggers get targeted. However, in reading some of the new blogs, their seems to be a group of leftist who maintain 100’s of fake Twitter accounts and seem to be conducting some nefarious actions.

Since joining Twitter I have been amazed at some of the back and forth between Tweeters. I covered my first day in another post and how I found myself suspended via a known Twitter bug and the left’s exploit of that bug to implement the Spam block feature on those whom they disagree. My second suspension in less than one month, I understand some on their sixth to seventh suspension.

The leftist bloggers and Twitter hackers play this silly childish game, mainly targeting conservative tweeters and sometimes bloggers. Lately the targets seem to be female tweeters. Thus a deep hatred for women it seems. Perhaps we outwit them in the verbal exchange and their manhood is threatened. I wasn’t going to name names, but I think it is time to expose some of these crybabies. A tweeter that goes by @OccupyRebellion started my second suspension. Joining in the conversation was @SW_dad, me @CoFemale. During the conversation @OccupyRebellion would reference another innocent tweeters @ali and @McCainBlogette. In another tweet another tweeter would be mentioned @SimonTemplarPV @stlactivisthub then @rustyweiss74comes in for the kill. This sets up the target, me, for multiple spam @replies, which triggers Twitter to suspend the account. Of course they are all claiming innocence now of course. Captured and documented by the ring leader: @Lizardoid. Here is how they do it by their own words Don’t fall victim to these slugs. Do not use the @reply with someone you don’t know to make a running conversation. The one player I am not sure of is @sw_dad, he may have been along for the ride and innocent, but I am keeping a watchful eye.

Now onto the actual topic of this post that is the intent of this blog.

What intrigued me to write about this subject, were the things I said as well as others. Never in my wildest dreams would I expect Twitter to become a regular “Peyton Place” and a site for mystery, lawsuits, innuendos, and SWATing tactics. I can’t imagine all the crap Twitter support has to deal with.

For those who do not know, SWATing is it is a tactic where a caller spoofs a call to 911 to make it appear it is coming from your phone and reports a shooting at your home address. In some cases this may bring not only the police, but also a swat team. This can get innocent people shot, especially if conducted in the middle of the night. Both sides of this fight indicate swatting occurred to themselves or others in their family. Apparently, this whole thing started with Anthony Weiner and “framed” for his Twitter antics; this claim remains elusive and unsubstantiated. It later escalated to include Brett Kimberlin, a known and convicted bomber from Indiana known as the “Speedway Bomber”. This is too long of a story to elaborate on, so not covered here. I do have a post on Brett Kimberlin you can read and go to the links to learn more.

The one thing I learned through observation is the leftist members have a propensity to spew vulgar language and death threats on a regular basis. In addition, some like to throw out false statements and when you reply after a few engagements like to “spam block” you – childish games. Another tactic they hate is when the conservative tweeters create a hashtag game on the “mock” of the day. This is one of the fastest ways to get “spam blocked”. If you really want to see how “mental” some political leftist are on Twitter, just follow them, but be forewarned you could end up like me – subject to a “spam block” and suspended.

Some also think that because they don’t use their real names and hide behind pseudo-names they have protection. Let me tell you this is a misnomer. Yes, authorities must get a subpoena to get your registered information, but they can and will under death threats. However, some allude to have “hacking” knowledge and the ability to get personal information, which enacted upon as I write this. So, yes I do go under a pseudo-name only because I am female, want to make it harder to “find” me and want to curb unwarranted sex tweets or tweets by wackos from any side. By the way, I have received X-rated followers, whom I block without hesitation. I also block follows from companies unless I approve of the product(s) they are selling.

Right after Scott Walker won the recall election, it did not take long for the left to start making death threats on Twitter. In some cases, some said prior to election night. More info: search death threats. Liberal Tweeter’s claim it is a lie, but then read their tweets. I can vouch that I witnessed death threats and actually forwarded an image to Scott’s Walkers Twitter account. They are not fabricated; sorry we just can’t make this stuff up.

Having said the above, by no means am I saying the right’s tweets do not contain any vulgar language; I have not seen any death threats from the people followed or who follow me. This does not mean they don’t exist.

Case in point regarding vulgar language, one so called conservative blogger (Jewish) totally went off the rails and were actually calling women the c*nt or whore or use f*ck, as well as calling others liars, anti-Semitic or plagiarism. This tweeter also claimed, we ourselves, were anti-Semitic as we challenged her on statement made or would not denounce another person on his “supposed” anti-Semitic posts. The person who posted the “supposed” anti-Semitic posts tweets, by the way, is Jewish. This conservative blogger, after several days is still wailing about all these “injustices” against her, known in some circles as a purveyor of controversy and attention seeking to promote her ego.

Both Tweeters from each side comment on the corruption that comes from the other side, and both will criticize the amount of money raised in elections for the other candidate. This brings me to the Koch brothers, who the left rails on constantly, while totally ignoring the money George Soros’s manages to contribute to their side or the large celebrity donations. I call this selective amnesia. Raising money and lots of it, is any candidates goal. Both sides will allude to all money donated to the other side as tainted or suspect. Does it really matter as long as it is legal? If the money is illegal, then come to the table with actual proof and not your innuendo’s.

Both sides allude to the intelligence of each other. Both believe neither can read nor write. Both believe their stats convey the facts. Both believe education needs an overhaul; the methods are different. Both believe teachers deserve higher wages, the method to get there different. Both believe their politicians are the right answer for America. With all the similarities in these, why are we so far apart? It all comes down to ideology, convictions, and beliefs.

The only way we can come together to solve these issues:

  • Take time to listen to each other,
  • Don’t talk over one another.
  • Don’t silence one side because you don’t like the message.
  • Don’t assume the other side isn’t making a valid point.
  • Do acknowledge a valid point from either side.
  • Don’t yell at each other, and for
  • Don’t call people names

These are traits I struggle to follow myself and by no means are perfect. I am sure I will fail, as I am only human.

If tweeters do not reign it in we could have an ugly outcome; the government sticking their nose in Twitter and passing regulations you don’t want. My thoughts:

Take a step back and evaluate how you interact on Twitter