GSA – Secret Service – What’s Next?

Well for the last several weeks we have been viewing video’s made by GSA employee’s mocking the monies they’ve spent at the taxpayer’s expense. Not to mention the trip to Las Vegas to a tune of $800,000 plus. Now it would be easy to blame Obama for this mindset, but this crap has been going on for several years. It probably started before the Bush administration. When you let an agency go unchecked, you are bound to find those who will exploit the job. The GSA is the agency that is supposed to keep other companies on the up and up, yet they surely can’t practice what they preach.

GSA’s own site says this:

Our Mission

GSA helps federal agencies better serve the public by offering, at best value, superior workplaces, expert solutions, acquisition services, and management policies.

Creating a Successful Future at GSA by Living Our Values Every Day and Working Together to Achieve Our Goals – Did this include stealing?

Our Values

  • Ethics and integrity in everything we do – really could have fooled me
  • Respect for fellow associates
  • Teamwork – Love all those videos you produce in how you are ripping off the taxpayers – that takes real teamwork.
  • Results orientation – Yeah we can steal money and spend it like Bernie Madoff
  • Professionalism – Yeah, I always stay in hotel rooms with built in Jacuzzi’s at the taxpayer expense.

Our Goals:

  • Provide best value for customer agencies and taxpayers –What happened to this goal? Oh, I see you saved us pennies to spend thousands or millions. “My bad!”
  • Achieve responsible asset management
  • Operate efficiently and effectively – Yep, you did steal from the American taxpayer efficiently and effectively. Shame your arrogance brought you down, huh.
  • Ensure financial accountability – This is a joke right, am I getting punked – I’m getting punked right?
  • Maintain a world class workforce and a world class workplace –Well you failed here haven’t you. You have proved you have no class.
  • Carry out social, environmental, and other responsibilities as a federal agency

You know when I was younger the government was a noble job; today it is the joke of the century. They claim to hire the best people, but so far, all I see is thieves. I guess this is why I could not get a government job; I am too honest as said by some. Try to figure that one out.

Secret Service, not so Secret

Now let’s talk about our Secret Service and military. What were you thinking? Is this one of those, “well everyone else is doing it?”, “it is legal in Columbia“. So, by your thinking, if your fellow agents jumped off a cliff, you would do so too. Now, I am not a prostitute, don’t you usually negotiate the price before you take one up to your hotel room? First it was a $47 argument, and then it was $800, and then finally settled on $225 or some amount. Really, you hired a hooker know what you’re paying for? See woman know exactly what something cost before they buy it. If it is too much, they either walk away or negotiate down. However, let me say this.

You are Secret Service; you don’t get to hire hookers. You are there to secure the safety of the President, whether he is there or not. The moment you open yourself up to questionable behavior, you put the President in jeopardy. You put other Secret Service agents in jeopardy. It is time to start thinking with the upper brain and not the lower one. Some of them were married. Had I been one of those wives, your booty would be sitting on the curb and you’d be looking for a new abode. You are a disgrace to the Office of the President and you are a disgrace to the Office of the Secret Service. You are not in that position to get your jollies massaged.

Here is a hypothetical for you. Let’s say you managed successfully to get your jollies without detection and all your wildest dreams became fulfilled that night. Let’s say you are a married agent (worse) or single (bad). Now let’s say the hookers hired were working for the Columbian government or paid by another country to put you in a compromising position. What if you had some sensitive data in your room that showed the President’s itinerary and they took a picture while you were preparing for the night of your life? What if then someone tried or successfully killed the President because you just needed to fulfill a need.

Generally, when you do something like this, there is always someone who knows. They don’t have to use that information immediately. It could be years when approached with the compromising information. You are always at risk as long as you remain in the job. It is time you keep the lower brain in the pants and use common sense when you are protecting the President. Your life is not your own any longer.

It is time to clean all government offices of this riff raff; this is what happens when government gets too big. Send a clear message to Obama.

Vote Republican!