Chicago Style Politics: How Obama Condones Lies

This election season is becoming more and more volatile with ads released with lies and misleading information. In addition, Democrat Senator Harry Reid blatantly claims that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for ten years and doubled down on the Senate floor. Is this really becoming of a sitting U.S. Senator? No, it isn’t becoming and Harry Reid should make a visit again to the Ethics committee for such blatant lies. This can only happen if we take back the Senate, which is imperative to start reversing the damage the Democrats and the Obama Administration has inflicted on the American people. Obama is setting us up for a dictatorship, like Venezuela.

Below is the video from that shows Harry Reid’s Senate floor escapades.

Should the video not work properly, click this link instead.

The Obama administration has not chastised Harry Reid for his comment. In fact, in a press conference Jay Carney indicated the “White House does not tell Harry Reid what to do”. Now they want to keep separation of powers separate, how civil of you.

Oh by the way, “the word is out Harry Reid beats his wife daily, now I can’t confirm this, but I heard that Harry Reid’s gardener said that he saw him beat his wife.”

In a new ad released for Obama, a steelworker Joe Soptic talks about his lay-off and lost health insurance, then how his wife died from cancer with no insurance. Washington Post proves this story is factually incorrect.

The Washington Post wrote, “Joe Soptic, 62, has become the go-to figure for supporters of President Obama, appearing this week in his second campaign ad talking about being laid off from a Kansas City steel plant that was taken over by Bain Capital in 1993.”

The ad, released by the super PAC Priorities USA titled “Understand” according to the Washington Post. In the ad, Soptic goes on to say this:

“When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my health care, and my family lost their health care,” Soptic says in the minute-long ad. “And a short time after that my wife became ill . . . she passed away in 22 days.”

I guess blatant lying is acceptable behavior by the Obama Administration.

However, in checking the timeline, Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 to head up the 2002 Olympics and Soptic left GST Industries in 2001 when the steel plant closed shop due to bankruptcy. Soptic’s wife, Ilyona “Ranae” died in 2006; seven years after Romney left Bain. In addition, CNN reports that Ilyona Soptic had health insurance through her own employer when her husband lost his job. But she was not employed and no longer had coverage by the time she was diagnosed with end-stage cancer.

The problem now becomes if Obama is willing to lie and deceive the American people with such blatant lies through Senator Harry Reid and false ads, why should we continually condone such a President with a second term in office? I certainly won’t.

This brings us to “Chicago Style Politics“. Wikipedia defines it as

“Chicago-style politics is a byword used to designate a set of characteristics associated to the less commendable aspects of the recent political history of the American city of Chicago, Illinois, (i.e., corruption, patronage, nepotism, authoritarianism) which is often cited as an example of blatant corruption.”

Source: ^ Engber, Daniel (9 Dec 2008). “Why Is Chicago So Corrupt?”. Slate Magazine.

When you play dirty politics to win an office, what do you use to govern your moral compass? In my opinion, you have no moral compass. You think the laws of the nation don’t apply to you, so why should we vote for you? Democrats have done more damage economically to the American people than Republicans have done in its lifetime of politics, in my opinion.

Perhaps I should put myself in a Romney ad, laid off 31 March 2010 from a $46,000 a year job with a natural gas company, El Paso Corporation. They moved the department to Houston, TX. Now they have sold the business to Kinder-Morgan. This would be a TRUE story.

I have only been able to find part-time work and it is conditional on student enrollment. For a brief time I accept unemployment insurance from September 2010 to April 2011. I stopped because I picked a full-time temp position, which ended abruptly near the end of July 2011. Thankfully, I was teaching part-time and some income. I’ve been using my savings to stay afloat along with my teaching salary. However, during the summer from mid-May 2012 to 26 August I had no income. My upcoming teaching contract does not start until 27 August and generally have wait a month before I get my first pay check. I’ve applied for full-time positions, but no call backs.

Obama policies have taken me from middle class to poverty, but I digress.

As a Senator, Obama used “Chicago Style Politics” against his opponent in the 1996 run for the Illinois Senate race according to CNNs Suzanne Malveaux. She said Obama was “an avid student of Chicago-style politics […]”. He successfully challenged Alice Palmer’s signatures, which challenged her eligibility.

Maybe this is why Obama sealed his college transcripts. Could he be hiding his eligibility as those records shows he attended schools as a foreign student, which would call into question where he lied. Did he lie where he was born? Did he lie to gain unfair advantage over American citizens attending college? Maybe we really should question Obama’s eligibility.

Does “Chicago Style Politics” also include circumventing Congress? According to Obama is threatening to issue an “Executive Order” to have the cyber security legislation the Senate voted against implemented anyway. Obama goes on to say, “we can’t wait“. This is a true sign of a dictator, a man who does not respect the separation of powers and feels if he thinks it is good for the nation, and it should be so. So, in your world the Constitution is not to be followed, the one you swore to uphold during your Presidency. If you can’t do this, then you do not deserve the office and we will elect Mitt Romney, who believes in the Constitution or we will impeach you should you steal the election.

It is time we get these corrupted politicians out of office, even if it means we replace Republicans with Tea Party candidates. We must take back America and bring it back to its greatness.