Agenda 21 in Colorado: Sustainable Development

Many people have not heard of Agenda 21, but have heard of Sustainable Development in their area. Colorado is pushing this agenda immensely and people need to know what is going on. These two key words (Agenda 21/Sustainable) are one and the same. Don’t take my word for it visit the UN and do a search on Agenda 21. The first article I read is from 1999, so they have had a long time to gradually implement this alarming agenda. Here is the link Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21.and if you need further proof that Agenda 21 and Sustainability are the same thing this link should confirm this is not a conspiracy theory. This is real people and we should be alarmed. Division of Sustainability Development. Here is the UN statement.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

Here is our site in our own back yard. Denver is the perfect place to begin this implementation. Why, well Denver is predominately Liberal and you have the bigger Universities; this is a Liberal Progressive agenda too. Okay so Republicans are against this, so this is just a partisan issue dreamed up by Republicans. NO, there are Republican Progressives who are behind this also. This is an American issue. This is a people issue. I don’t care what side you lean. Slowly we are losing our freedoms without our awareness.

From a website in their owns words it says,

The City and County of Denver Office of Sustainability invites you to weigh in on the city’s draft 2020 goals for air quality, energy, food, housing, land use, materials, mobility, water, and workforce at one of their upcoming community meetings. Each meeting will give participants an opportunity to provide suggestions on how best to reach these goals and meet the new Chief Sustainability Officer, Jerry Tinianow.   It will also be a great way to meet likeminded neighbors who are interested in ensuring Denver continues to be one of the greenest cities in the nation!”

On the surface you say, what is wrong with this? We should take steps to make our communities safer, build logically, and use our land wisely, and create better transportation methods. Yes on the surface this is all good and individually this seems good. However, what they don’t tell you that their intent is to put the UN, yes United Nations in charge over our development. In other words if you own land out away from Denver and you use it to raise cattle now, Agenda 21/Sustainable Development can dictate your land cannot be used this way any longer and you have no say so how your land can be used. YOU LOSE ALL RIGHTS TO LAND YOU OWN. Whatever is good for the “collective” is what will happen. They could go so far to eliminate parts of your land where you can’t develop it; declare it as a wetland.

Remember that couple in Idaho who went to build their dream home on their own land and the EPA came in and declared part of their land “wetlands”, thus preventing the couple from building their home and suing. Read the story here: Idaho Couple Allowed to Sue EPA. This is the start of Agenda 21. This was not some overzealous EPA agent. Why should you have to sue the government to use your own land to build a home?

Denver Sustainability Development has moved to utilize Twitter by using numerous hash tags; these are just a few. If you are on Twitter start reading the tweets that go along with this.

  • #COclimate
  • #CoEducation
  • #COefficientbuild
  • #COenergy
  • #COecondevelop
  • #COsustainablebiz

You still might be thinking this is no big deal, why should I read all your links. If you want to bury your head in the sand, so be it. “I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink it”. Also, if this statement from the Denver Sustainability website does not cause some pause from you, then you are beyond reach and I will not waste my time with you.

Rising rates of poverty, starvation, desertification, and pollution, and shrinking food production, forests, energy supplies, fish populations and other indicators reveal that current human population exceeds the planet’s carrying capacity.  Carrying capacity is defined as the maximum population number of an organism that can be supported given the food, habitat, water and other necessities available in that biological system.

I don’t about you, but this sounds like “population control“.

The UN came to Denver to observe our election at the invite of the NAACP and Acorn. Don’t be ignorant people. This is real, it is here, and you are becoming a part of it whether you like it or not; unless we fight for our God given rights and those given to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The UN Agenda 21 will remove those rights and we will fall under UN jurisdiction.

Here is more websites here in Colorado or for Colorado, because people and businesses are jumping onto this bandwagon probably not knowing why.

Additional Links:

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  7. Colorado Springs
  10. Aspen Times Article
  11. UC Denver
  12. Durango, CO (pdf file)

Citizens of Colorado you need to be aware of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development from the UN. If you don’t care about the state or U.S. sovereignty and the loss of your freedom, regardless of political views, then don’t read anything on this topic. Hide your head in the sand and hope it goes away or others do something to stop it.

There is a lot to take in. You may have to read in small doses so you do not burn out on this topic. Remember it started in 1992 and Clinton, let’s make sure it ends under Obama and 2012/13. If you read no other links read the UN’s articles on Agenda 21. Then listen in your local area on TV, radio or printed media for “Sustainable Development”. I know I have heard my local TV stations use this term.

I want clean air, clean water, and to use our lands wisely. I don’t want the UN to be in control or my local government to tell me I can’t grow tomatoes in my backyard. I don’t want my hard earned money to go to countries to solve their poverty problems. Stop their governments from oppressing their own citizens and stealing monies from them that places them in poverty. Other countries see our wealth as a personal ATM. Don’t go down without a fight.

Most of all educate yourself.