The Cowards of The Left

I recently decided to join the Twitter family and start tweeting. On my first encounter with a radical lefty who “tweets” a few really vulgar words to S. E. Cupp, I admonished him for his words and suggested his mother must be so proud. I got four vulgar responses from him then he blocked me. I thought nothing of it until the next day, when I logged on and found out my account was suspended. Apparently, he initiated a group to spam block me. It took about three days to get my account back with no apologies from Twitter on this action. Twitter support seems to respond to suspended accounts quicker now.

is the rights name for those Conservatives suspended by the left’s spam block attacks. My encounter
above actually bragged about blocking Conservatives even when none conversed with him or maybe sent one response. What a COWARD. If you are so smart, stand up to us. Instead you hide behind your hateful and sometimes violent tweets and block those you possibly couldn’t win an argument. These actions continued by some on the left go unpunished. Twitter is not suspending their accounts or sending a stern warning if they continue this practice they will lose their account.

So if you are on Twitter, go visit #TwitterGulag
and support those temporarily silenced by COWARDS by joining the call for their reinstatement.

This is a common theme lately by leftist who can’t handle dissenting opinion. It is their opinion or nothing. Either think like me or we will spam attack you. This tells me they would lose any arguments put forth or they don’t have the stomach to find out the truth. They would rather stop thinking and allow someone else do the thinking for them and just repeat the “brand messaging” of the party. This is a key word for the left “brand messaging”. It is imperative that you walk in lock step and repeat the same message. If you deter from that message, you are now an outcast or if you are black called an “Uncle Tom“. That is insulting and whoever uses this terminology should be ashamed.

Allen West should know, Rep. West been called an “Uncle TomLawn Jockey” ” War Criminal” by many on the left. This is a man, who served his country honorably as a Lt. Colonel, deserves respect. Of course, some use the term of “war criminal” because he fired a gun near a known terrorist head. The left are such boneheads; this was “torture” in their books. Please, if it does not draw blood, it isn’t torture. This is my definition, not Rep. Allen West. He also indicated there were about 80 communist in Congress and the NAACP went bonkers. “busted!” Those who whined the loudest just outed themselves. You hide behind what you stand for because you know in your hearts if your constituents knew exactly your intent, you would lose all support. So you lie to remain in power; “You drop the radical pose…” a famous line from Van Jones.