Double Standards by the Left

Oh where to start on this topic as there is no secret the Liberal left feel they are above the rhetoric they spew. It is okay if someone on the left disparages women in general, Conservative women in politics or on TV as a political pundit or commentator. However, the moment you turn the tables and use their tactics, they go ballistic. They target any advertisers or they call for your firing. Rush, in his description of Sandra Fluke wanting everyone else to pay for contraception, led Rush to equate that premise to a slut or prostitute. Rush did not outright call Sandra Fluke a “slut.” He said her actions would earn her that title. Frankly, if you sleep around that title does fit.

Now I do not think Rush should have equated Sandra’s perceived actions to those actions of a “slut.” He did, he apologized, let it go. If you are going to go after Rush, then be prepared to receive the same treatment with no whining. Should Rush be punished? Depends on what you mean. It is no secret the left wants to get Conservatives off the radio, so his punishment should be no more than Ed Schultz received when he called Laura Ingraham a “slut.”

What I find amazing about Sandra Fluke is, she says she can’t afford contraception, which by the way nowhere costs $1,000 a year, unless you go in for an abortion. Did you know she is an abortion rights activist also? Now if you spend $3,000 does that mean you had three abortions in 3 years? Contraception, as reported on some news agencies, aka Fox News, indicates that the pill cost about $9 per month at Walmart. Even Planned Parenthood has rates in that ball park. Condoms at the store are what about $3. I don’t use them, so I am guessing. I did price IUD’s on the Internet. IUD’s cost about $300 to $700 depending on the brand and it is a one-time cost that last 5 years to 12 years depending on brand. So please tell me, Miss Third Year Law School student, where does your pricing come from?

You do know that Liberals charge you 10 times of what something should cost. You know like when you pay $500 for a basic hammer or spend 2 million to hire 5 employees. Let us not forget our $16.00 muffins.

Also, I find it interesting you can manage to travel to California for spring break, but you can’t buy contraception. If you are so worried about getting knocked up, perhaps the boyfriend you are traveling with can pay this time around. You know, that “take responsibility” for your own actions mantra.

According to USA Today our illustrious “woman’s rights” vulture lawyer, Gloria Allred wants to bring Rush up on charges of defamation of character, where an 1883 Florida law making it a misdemeanor to question a woman’s chastity. Really, Gloria an 1883 law, you are going to use. What about Bill Maher, why aren’t you going after him for calling Sarah Palin the “C” word? Surely, there is a California law from the 1800’s you can research and file against him?

No man should disparage any women with such language regardless of political affiliation. If it is not a word you would use to describe your mother, then it should not be a word you use to describe another woman. The left with regularity pass off these disparaging remarks as “comedic humor.” Really, cause I see no humor in calling someone’s mother a “slut”, a “C—t” or any other vernacular in your vocabulary. Even Joy Behar uses this excuse to disparage other women, mainly Conservatives. Perhaps this is why her talk show failed. Nobody liked her brand of humor and talking points.

Maybe it is time the Conservatives fight fire with fire, as they are doing for the one million that Bill Maher donated to Obama’s Super-Pak. If Obama does nothing or says nothing, then silence is agreement. Would Obama want Bill Maher somewhere down the road to refer to Sasha or Malia with a disparaging remark? You never know when a “comedian” is going to turn on you. Step up to the plate Mr. President, for once show some spine.

Update 5/12/2012: Now the Democrats are targeting Romney donors? Read this at:

Has this President have no shame?