Democrats Plan To Confiscate Guns in NY

New York Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin took a grand leap and posted the plans of NY legislatures to actually confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. The 2nd Amendment does not restrict the type of arms anyone can own., We can at least agree that no one needs a bazooka, a fully automatic weapon, or a tank to protect their property, hunt with, or protect from tyranny. We can also agree that STATE background checks and arms training conducted. The goal is to get the guns out of the hands of the people who use them to kill people.

However, it seems the government has no problem when drug cartels or criminals own these weapons. If they truly wanted to curb gun violence they would crack down on felons with guns. This would jeopardize police funding. Less violence from criminals = less police on the job, a threat to Unions.

You all do know that Governor Cuomo’s during his rush to pass his legislation, did not include an exemption for Police in NY. His eagerness and lust for gun control just jeopardize every NY citizen. Love those logical Democrats.

When we have government officials try to circumvent the Constitution because they think they know what is good for their citizens, we have the makings of a Marxist. Yes, you heard me. The first thing Hitler, Mao, Stalin and all the other dictators did was to confiscate the guns from law abiding citizens. Once that occurred, each of these Marxists slaughtered millions of people. Citizens had no way to defend themselves from tyranny.

The Founding Fathers placed this into our Constitution to secure the new American citizens from the tyranny of a British King. Everything they fought for during the American Revolution was for freedom. My forefathers fought in this war. You may not agree with them, but most of us do. The 2nd Amendment indicates that “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state“. In colonial times the militia was ordinary citizens. When it was necessary citizens formed the militia, a militia that needs arms. This comes to the second part of the amendment “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed“. Thus no laws to restrict the right to own a gun and the ammunition that goes in that gun, that is a given.

During colonial times the guns were not as sophisticated as they are today. Many were muskets or pistols. I am pretty sure our Founding Fathers foresaw that Arms would improve and described them generically for that very reason.

Just because something did not exist at the time of the Constitution does not make it null and void. Democrats argue that AR-15 or any other assault weapons didn’t exist at writing of the Constitution, thus not protected. Well okay the Internet isn’t protected either under that premise. Free speech on the Internet would not exist. Cable News did not exist either, thus not protected. Anything that did not exist at the writing of the Constitution would become null and void under the Democrats argument. We are in modern times; the Constitution does not change at the whims of any government.

If we cannot uphold the Constitution as written, we have just turned a Republic into a dictatorship. We will have the same President as long as Venezuela has had Hugo Chavez and Cuba has had Castro. Last I checked Cubans made rafts to escape Cuba’s dictator and oppressive government. Yet many Democrats seem okay with this type of government, well of course, they envision they will be in charge.

Gun control has never worked for the simple reason it goes after the law abiding citizens and not the felons or mentally ill patients that should never own, much less be around guns. The previous ban on “assault weapons” never worked. The criminals still had the guns. If you talk to a Democrat you get the impression they think criminals follow gun laws, but their ultimate goal is to remove the obstacle of guns from the citizens and forcing their government onto the people. They cannot effectively execute their agenda if the citizens are armed. Think about this. They don’t care about your protection; they only care about keeping power and dictating to the American people how they should live in their fantasy world. Armed citizens will fight back if their freedom is at stake. Most citizens do not want to take up arms against our government, but our current government wants to create a revolution with its citizens. Obama and his administrations follow Saul Alinsky’s “Rule for Radicals”; they are all about Revolution. Read up on Agenda 21 by the U.N. I wrote an article on this subject also.

Yeah, I know crazy talk, but mark my words one day you will be saying, “Oh my, she was spot on”.

Now let’s get to Colorado. Governor Higgenlooper, a Democrat might have similar plans as Governor Cuomo of New York. He has already hinted at making sweeping changes similar to Governor Cuomo. He has talked about removing Concealed Carry permits. I for one love the idea that my community college where I teach allows Concealed Carry. I realize I am not 100% protected, but I have a better chance of not running into a gunman than if it were a “gun free zone”. Nothing waves “we are sitting ducks” like a place who announces we are a “gun free zone”. We also have armed police. We now have two gun ranges nearby. Yeah, my college is less likely to be a target.

So Governor Higgenlooper, I will put you on notice sir. If you do anything to infringe on the 2nd Amendment, I will do everything in my power to ensure your reelection fails or I may even start a petition for your recall. I have already contacted by Republican Congressman about my wishes to protect the 2nd Amendment in the state of Colorado.

When you pass unconstitutional laws because you think you know what is best for people, you are committing the greatest sin of all: Treason. It also makes you arrogant and a narcissist. I say to you, “Who the hell do you think you are”? My safety and the right to protect myself trump your fantasy world.


Agenda 21 in Colorado: Sustainable Development

Many people have not heard of Agenda 21, but have heard of Sustainable Development in their area. Colorado is pushing this agenda immensely and people need to know what is going on. These two key words (Agenda 21/Sustainable) are one and the same. Don’t take my word for it visit the UN and do a search on Agenda 21. The first article I read is from 1999, so they have had a long time to gradually implement this alarming agenda. Here is the link Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21.and if you need further proof that Agenda 21 and Sustainability are the same thing this link should confirm this is not a conspiracy theory. This is real people and we should be alarmed. Division of Sustainability Development. Here is the UN statement.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

Here is our site in our own back yard. Denver is the perfect place to begin this implementation. Why, well Denver is predominately Liberal and you have the bigger Universities; this is a Liberal Progressive agenda too. Okay so Republicans are against this, so this is just a partisan issue dreamed up by Republicans. NO, there are Republican Progressives who are behind this also. This is an American issue. This is a people issue. I don’t care what side you lean. Slowly we are losing our freedoms without our awareness.

From a website in their owns words it says,

The City and County of Denver Office of Sustainability invites you to weigh in on the city’s draft 2020 goals for air quality, energy, food, housing, land use, materials, mobility, water, and workforce at one of their upcoming community meetings. Each meeting will give participants an opportunity to provide suggestions on how best to reach these goals and meet the new Chief Sustainability Officer, Jerry Tinianow.   It will also be a great way to meet likeminded neighbors who are interested in ensuring Denver continues to be one of the greenest cities in the nation!”

On the surface you say, what is wrong with this? We should take steps to make our communities safer, build logically, and use our land wisely, and create better transportation methods. Yes on the surface this is all good and individually this seems good. However, what they don’t tell you that their intent is to put the UN, yes United Nations in charge over our development. In other words if you own land out away from Denver and you use it to raise cattle now, Agenda 21/Sustainable Development can dictate your land cannot be used this way any longer and you have no say so how your land can be used. YOU LOSE ALL RIGHTS TO LAND YOU OWN. Whatever is good for the “collective” is what will happen. They could go so far to eliminate parts of your land where you can’t develop it; declare it as a wetland.

Remember that couple in Idaho who went to build their dream home on their own land and the EPA came in and declared part of their land “wetlands”, thus preventing the couple from building their home and suing. Read the story here: Idaho Couple Allowed to Sue EPA. This is the start of Agenda 21. This was not some overzealous EPA agent. Why should you have to sue the government to use your own land to build a home?

Denver Sustainability Development has moved to utilize Twitter by using numerous hash tags; these are just a few. If you are on Twitter start reading the tweets that go along with this.

  • #COclimate
  • #CoEducation
  • #COefficientbuild
  • #COenergy
  • #COecondevelop
  • #COsustainablebiz

You still might be thinking this is no big deal, why should I read all your links. If you want to bury your head in the sand, so be it. “I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink it”. Also, if this statement from the Denver Sustainability website does not cause some pause from you, then you are beyond reach and I will not waste my time with you.

Rising rates of poverty, starvation, desertification, and pollution, and shrinking food production, forests, energy supplies, fish populations and other indicators reveal that current human population exceeds the planet’s carrying capacity.  Carrying capacity is defined as the maximum population number of an organism that can be supported given the food, habitat, water and other necessities available in that biological system.

I don’t about you, but this sounds like “population control“.

The UN came to Denver to observe our election at the invite of the NAACP and Acorn. Don’t be ignorant people. This is real, it is here, and you are becoming a part of it whether you like it or not; unless we fight for our God given rights and those given to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The UN Agenda 21 will remove those rights and we will fall under UN jurisdiction.

Here is more websites here in Colorado or for Colorado, because people and businesses are jumping onto this bandwagon probably not knowing why.

Additional Links:

  1. Colorado Government
  2. Sustainable Living
  6. University of Colorado
  7. Colorado Springs
  10. Aspen Times Article
  11. UC Denver
  12. Durango, CO (pdf file)

Citizens of Colorado you need to be aware of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development from the UN. If you don’t care about the state or U.S. sovereignty and the loss of your freedom, regardless of political views, then don’t read anything on this topic. Hide your head in the sand and hope it goes away or others do something to stop it.

There is a lot to take in. You may have to read in small doses so you do not burn out on this topic. Remember it started in 1992 and Clinton, let’s make sure it ends under Obama and 2012/13. If you read no other links read the UN’s articles on Agenda 21. Then listen in your local area on TV, radio or printed media for “Sustainable Development”. I know I have heard my local TV stations use this term.

I want clean air, clean water, and to use our lands wisely. I don’t want the UN to be in control or my local government to tell me I can’t grow tomatoes in my backyard. I don’t want my hard earned money to go to countries to solve their poverty problems. Stop their governments from oppressing their own citizens and stealing monies from them that places them in poverty. Other countries see our wealth as a personal ATM. Don’t go down without a fight.

Most of all educate yourself.

Benghazigate: White House Cover-up

It has been reported 200 plus incidents have occurred in Libya that alarmed Ambassador Stevens and others enough to request additional security. That security request was denied. It is clear to me that the White House took a stance that Libya was required to secure our Embassy and personnel. This type of thinking will get more of our officials killed. We are responsible and we should spend the money to secure our own interests. I have no problem spending taxpayer monies for this action.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know either you get American interest out of a volatile area or you ramp up security anytime 11 September approaches. Hell even the average American knows this.

Let’s take a look of one attack that occurred in and around Benghazi leading up to the obvious terrorist attack on 9/11/2012, obvious to everyone except the White House.

In an article written by CNN by Steven Sotloff / Tripoli | August 24, 2012, he wrote about a car explosion in hotel parking in Benghazi in June. Some believed the attacks were conducted by Gaddafi loyalist, but others felt they were jihadist as they singled out Western targets as the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and convoys carrying the British ambassador and United Nations special envoy to Libya. Read more:

Below is in regards to Embassy attacks in 2011. What follows is bone chilling and shows the true mindset of the Progressive’s on the left.

Going back to May 2011 a story published by Deseret News by Lou Kesten of the AP, an excerpt from Mark Toner, then spokesman for the U.S. State Department said this, “If true, we condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms.”


Toner added: “The Vienna Convention requires that the Gadhafi regime protect diplomatic missions in Tripoli. By failing to do so that regime has once again breached its international responsibilities and obligations.”

Really, you are counting on the “Vienna Convention” and Gadhafi’s requirement to protect embassies all the while you are using NATO to take Gadhafi out of power. Fox guarding the hen house comes to mind. gives a timeline of event, which have been paraphrased and shortened for this article.



It goes on until 10 October 2012 and they are finally beginning to call it a planned attack, there was no protest outside the compound and it was not due to the video.

I don’t know about you, but this is outrageous behavior. The Obama administration is so afraid to call radical Muslims terrorist and upset the feelings of Muslim Brotherhood, that they would gladly issue false information to cover-up this fact and the all telling fact they “REFUSED THE AMBASSADOR ADDITIONAL SECURITY”. They even go on to elude it was due to budget cuts Republicans voted on earlier in the year; even Joe Biden in the VP debates. Accept the State Department in the hearings in front of Congress indicated it was not due to budget constraints.

Since day one the Obama Administration fumbled the football and now they are trying to pass off their missteps on Mitt Romney. This is disgusting behavior by Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod. They should be ashamed of themselves. Progressives play the blame game, time to vote them out for good and time to make their lies impudent.

How the Democrats are Hoodwinking Their Base

We all heard about or watch the DNC in Charlotte, NC this last week. Tributes to Ted Kennedy, who died of a brain disease, a man who never paid for killing Mary Jo Kopechne back in July 1969. Ted was driving drunk even though he claims he wasn’t under the influence, but you can’t tell me he did not drink at a party and ran off a bridge into the water off Chappaquiddick Island. He managed to survive, but he left his passenger in the car to drown. He did not report the accident until after nine hours later. This was enough time for the alcohol to not to be detected in his breath or blood. He pleads guilty to leaving the scene of an accident. If he was not under the influence why did he not go back in to try to save her? He apparently wasn’t injured. We know the whole Kennedy clan has had their issues with women and their sexist exploits all through their political careers

Then Bill Clinton, the President who had sexual relations with an Intern, Monica Lewinsky while in the White House and then lied about it. That wasn’t Bill’s first tryst with women. Many other women had charged him with sexual harassment, another womanizer of the Democratic Party.

This is whom Democrats celebrate. Yet, the Democrats cry afoul with their loud hypocritical voices that the Republicans are waging a “war on women”. Now I am not saying Republicans are saints as we had our share of womanizers among other things, but we do not celebrate them with accolades at future conventions. We call them out; ask them to resign, and to quietly go away. Democrats on the other hand, celebrate a job well done and elect them to a higher office. The only Democrat that has paid for his sins is Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer; neither has returned to political life — yet. Rumors have Anthony with plans to run for Mayor of NYC.

Now we come to the women of the Democratic Party, we have poor Sandra Fluke, who Rush Limbaugh implied that if she allowed taxpayers to pay for her birth control, she would meet the criteria of a slut. Of course, Democrats went all up in arms about this and implemented a boycott of Rush’s sponsors. They failed royally, but a few managed to drop away and one now regrets it. Rush gave them the heave ho even after they said it was a mistake. Sandra was the Georgetown law graduate who first spoke to Congress about making a Catholic University to provide contraception and abortion help to Georgetown students. Nevermind, the Catholics stance on abortion and birth control, she felt they should provide it anyway. She whined that students might have to pay $3,000, a summer’s salary, to pay for their medical needs. Nevermind, you can go to the nearest Wal-Mart with a prescription and buy birth control for $9.00. Now a one-time IUD will cost $300 to $500 and provide birth control well for at least five years or longer; depends on wear and tear. Student also can go to Planned Parenthood and purchase birth control for pretty much the same rate as Wal-Mart. So her story was pure bogus lies, a common trait that does not elude most Democrats. Make the story sound good enough, most people will believe you. The real price Sandra Fluke quoted is for abortion. It cost around $1,000 to get an abortion. Thus a student could get 3 during the school year for the $3,000. Why do Democrat women celebrate the fact they love to kill innocent unborn babies. What happened to sanctity of life? Why are Democrat women so focused on the “what I want”, “what is good for me”, or “I want what I want when I want it”. When did their selfish attitude come about?

So, now Sandra Fluke is the new darling of the Democratic Party, standing proud for all inept women across the world who can’t possible take care of themselves by themselves and spoke at the DNC. Just as a co-dependent relative of an alcoholic, Democrat women apparently need someone in their lives to take care of them; who better than the government or in this case the taxpayer, their unending personal ATM. Sorry my bank is closed. If you want to screw every man in sight, whom am I to stop you, but I will be damned if I will pay for your birth control or abortions. Sandra Fluke does not represent any women on the Republican/Conservative side or any woman who has self-respect.

Why do you think Democrats are pushing so hard to get minorities on birth control or get them free abortions? What better way to control the population of “inferior” people than getting them the two things that would prevent them from multiplying. You might gasp at that sentence, but I do believe what I say. Just read up on Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood and who supported genocide, then tell me my sentence is far-fetched.

Then we have fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren. She lied about her Native American roots to gain favorability for hire at the University where she taught. She gave no second thought, that she would possibly take a job away from a true Native American or other minority. She wanted to utilize the “affirmative action” laws for her lily white self. She has yet to apologize for her actions. In fact, she still stands by her actions.

When she spoke at the DNC, she once again dissed corporations and the people who work for them. They sound jealous of success. Elizabeth Warren said, “Romney says corporations are people” and then went on to say No they are not, with resounding applause from the hoodwinked DNC delegates and attendees. I beg to differ. Unless a corporation has people to hire a corporation would not exist. Corporations are in the business to make money and make a profit. From the money earned they pay wages, taxes, building or office rent, bonuses, invest in other projects to expand the business, pay shareholders their due for owning stocks, pay into 401K of employees, among a host of other items. What remains is their profit. Democrats see this as obscene that a corporation would make a billions in profit, yet they have no problem when athletes, actors, Democrat friends also make huge profits. They have a fixation on oil and gas, as these are the biggest profit makers. Elizabeth has never worked a day in her life in the business world nor owned a business, yet she believes she has the expertise to comment on what a corporation should or should not do. That would be like me telling a surgeon how to conduct surgery on a patient.

Warren went on to say that billionaires pay less than their secretaries do. Well she was referring to the Dems favorite billionaire, Warren Buffet and his secretary. What Elizabeth Warren failed to indicate in her excitement to anger the base is income tax and capital gains tax are two different animals. She is banking on the base at the DNC does not know the difference between the two and I am afraid many are too ignorant to learn. Capitals gains that Warren Buffet pays is no different from capitals gains that Mitt Romney paid on his, except the rate may vary from 13 to 15%. Even John Kerry only paid 15% on his capital gains. When we talk income tax, Warren or Mitt would probably pay 35% to 38% on income taxes, where their secretaries would be around the 25% to 30% rate. So when Democrats talk about this, they are misleading and lying to their base and the American people. Wise up people do your own homework.

The Democrats are continually lying to the American people and many believe those lies. They pass the buck and make up false statistics. The only side calling them out is Republicans and Conservatives and some Libertarians. I am not saying Republicans don’t fudge information either, but not at the alarming rate I have seen on the Democratic side. Please notice how Democrats always blame someone else for their shortcoming or do not even address a question that they can’t answer truthfully. Democrats are more desperate now, as they see the American people are catching on the more false stories heard before November 7th is over.

I am scared for America. I am afraid Obama wants to be the one to bring American down; his only way was to become President. He went from a Senator to President in four years. Someone with money and clout got him there. The question is who. We know George Soros, the Jew who turned in his own kind into Nazi’s during WWII while leaving in Hungary, is a big backer of Obama. He is also a billionaire. He is by-passing Congress and writing illegal Executive Orders. He is slowing bringing America into a Dictatorship.

Glenn Beck said it best when Obama said, “to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with”. He has Valerie Jarrett, a Jew who looks up to Van Jones. Van Jones a self-proclaimed Communist; once a member of the now defunct radical group called Storm. Rahm Emanuel, another Jew who abhors Israel and Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, another Jew who lies constantly as the DNC Chair. Obama’s mentor growing up was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist living in Hawaii. Barack in his own words said he surrounded and hung out with Marxist and Communist while in college. Anita Dunn admired Mao. The facts are there, you just have to be willing to see them. Obama lied or told the truth about where he was born to gain college favors; he sealed his college records, why?

Those who support Obama without question are people to watch carefully, as they hold the same beliefs of all these Communist and Marxist. We already know they hate capitalism.


Chicago Style Politics: How Obama Condones Lies

This election season is becoming more and more volatile with ads released with lies and misleading information. In addition, Democrat Senator Harry Reid blatantly claims that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for ten years and doubled down on the Senate floor. Is this really becoming of a sitting U.S. Senator? No, it isn’t becoming and Harry Reid should make a visit again to the Ethics committee for such blatant lies. This can only happen if we take back the Senate, which is imperative to start reversing the damage the Democrats and the Obama Administration has inflicted on the American people. Obama is setting us up for a dictatorship, like Venezuela.

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Waldo Canyon Fire: Careless Actions or Arsonist

Update: 7/12/2012

KKTV News 11 has reported that the Waldo Canyon Fire is 100% contained. However that does not mean the fire is out. Firefighters are still on scene, but has significantly reduced from the estimated 1500 or so originally on scene during the height of the fire. Approximately 90 firefighters remain in service in the event of further flair ups.

The two bodies found at 2910 Rossmere Street were identified as William Everett, 74 and Barbara Everett, 73 according to KKTV News. The couple had not registered for the emergency evacuation notification service.

The crash in Montana took the lives of four and injured two individuals according to an update by CBS News. Continue reading

Executive Privilege – Abuse of Power or Necessary Evil

Bing Dictionary defines Executive Privilege as

“government right to secrecy of documents. The right of the president and other government officials in the executive branch to refuse to reveal confidential material if this would interfere with the administration’s ability to govern.”

Why is Executive Privilege necessary for the President of the United States? With three branches of government, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, should each have the ability to deny information to each other. I am not a lawyer, but in some instances yes. However, having said this, there are times this privilege could protect corruption between the Executive Branch and other governmental agencies.

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