Companies today seem to be wanting the world when they hire people; young millennial, senior level workers. They look for that utopian candidate, already trained with numerous years of experience. Companies no longer want to mold employees into their ideal candidate. Internal training programs have pretty much died. While, I understand they want people who can hit the ground running and can get up to speed in a short period of time, are they shooting themselves by not considering someone who has the knowledge, capability and older, but not necessarily have actual work experience in a work environment?

JobAd Companies might advertise a “junior” position, but then demand intermediate or senior level knowledge. Stop saying 0-3 years and then dismiss the 0 to 2 years of experience in that criteria. Frankly, companies don’t know what they want. Companies advertise their utopian wish list, in hopes they will find someone with all their wishes and dismiss the people who have 3 of the no longer find real entry-level or junior openings. So if a person in the IT arena with over 20 years IT experience in various technologies can’t even get in at the entry-level or junior level, how in the hell do you ever expect them to get to the intermediate or senior level? Frankly, I’m thinking my Master’s in Computer and Information Systems was a waste of time and money. All the thousands of dollars investing in books and/or software to learn the new “emerging” technology has all been a waste.

Do us job seeker’s a favor companies advertise exactly what you want and what you are truly willing to consider. I’ve seen one job list almost every IT technology existing. Stop lying to people, it is a waste of our time. Also, realize most people in the IT arena have cross IT knowledge, but not actual work experience. So what, if they don’t have that 3 years using PHP, but have workedResumeGlasses with it a little and familiar with the syntax, but haven’t created an actual website, but they’ve created websites using ASP or ASP.Net. The question you should be asking is “Do they have enough computer knowledge to do the job in a short period of time without you spending money on training?” You have to take the time to get them oriented to the way you do business anyway, so there will always be that down time in the beginning where they won’t be as productive. Come on, invest in those employees and mold them into what you want them to be.

I’ve played the game in the IT arena for over 10 years. Companies want a certain technology, so you take classes or you self-teach in that technology to do the work, but since you don’t have “true work” experience, you are not considered to be “qualified”. You get the “such and such is not the right fit” bull crap. Another scenario is when new technology emerges and all of sudden they want someone with 5 years of experience in that technology. Hello, it’s a brand new technology no one is going to have 5 or 10 years of experience in that technology. As, I said companies don’t know what they want. They are stuck on this ideology and stuck in a utopian world.

If you aren’t willing to consider someone who takes the time to purchase books, download software to learn a new technology, or take a class, then say so in your qualifications. “Must have actual real work experience”. “No self-training considered”. Buts as the title of this article resonates, “you are shooting yourselves in the foot”. These people may be more knowledgeable than those who have your “real” work experience. Wouldn’t you rather have a person who invests in their own time, with their own money to learn a new technology? You know right there that person is motivated and a go getter.

Well, I’m donegamemaze playing these games, walking through a maze of unrealistic requirements. I’m done using my own time and my own money to meet a company’s next hoop when they won’t even consider me qualified because I’m self-taught. I am physically and mentally exhausted; I can’t win with you people and you have killed my spirit. I’m sure you’ve managed to kill many other spirits also. I know I’m not alone in this view, with 30 million people unemployed, the IT industry is just one industry doing this. I just hope companies wake up before it’s too late. Invest back in Americans and America. Otherwise, the only people who will be hired for American IT jobs or most other jobs are young foreigners on H-1B visas; another excuse company’s use to not hire Americans who are qualified.
That story is for another day.