Wounded Knee – Lies still prevail

I have always had a kindred spirit with Native Americans, not because I am Native American, but because I think America has done them a great disservice. How generous of our government to give land called “Reservations” to the Native Americans that they roamed way before us “Americans” came to this nation. In addition, they were required to remain on the reservation as a condition of getting this land and treaties signed. Treaties our government has broken many times before. So much for free people right and the ability to live where you wish. Like anything, the government provides they create poor living conditions.

While, I recognize some violence over the years have come from various bands of Native Americans too, the majority has come from the failings of our own government. Many times their acts of violence were due to our government’s actions or inactions. No matter who was right or wrong, actions of one group can cause great harm. One of these is the story of Wounded Knee. It is time for the true story to overshadow the lies by our government, strip the medals from the guilty, and right the wrong in our history forever.

I just finished reading the story that Glenn Beck wrote in regards to the Battle of Wounded Knees and the Medal of Honor our governments bestowed upon some the soldiers of that day. On December 29, 1890, the actions of Colonel James W. Forsyth were at the least irresponsible, criminal, and executed with utter contempt for the Sioux.

To make a long story short, the Colonel order the confiscation arms from the Sioux. However, the Sioux not trusting the government, they held back some weapons and rightly so. However, Big Foot had his people comply. The guns heaped into a pile the Colonel ordered tents and other belongs searched. This is understandable; as you want to make sure, they do not attack you on their way back to the “Reservation”. Weapons found, he then ordered the search of all the Sioux and some came forward. They ordered the search of the “young warriors” for additional weapons. This is where one deaf warrior showed his arm and fired in the air. Upon that action, the Colonel ordered the soldiers to commence firing. This was a massacre at Wounded Knee and Colonel Forsyth started it all. The officers, who testified, lied about what happened to cover up their brutal murder of these Sioux people, with the exception of two officers, Major Samuel Whitside and General Nelson Miles. They tried to tell the truth, but overruled by the U.S. Army. The soldiers at Wounded Knee not only shot the men, but women and children. What kind of man shoots down women and children in cold blood? To make matters worse Forsyth and other soldiers received the Medal of Honor “for their bravery and resolute actions”.

In addition, the way Colonel Forsyth arranged his soldiers around the camp; sources believed that the majority of the fallen soldiers were from other soldiers. Remember, the majority of the Sioux were unarmed and sitting ducks.

To this day, one man, Calvin Spotted Elk is fighting to get these medals revoked and the real story corrected. Calvin’s great grandfather, Chief Spotted Elk, aka “Big Foot” massacred that day by Colonel Forsyth or his soldiers. Calvin’s appeals and letter to Barack Obama, no surprise, not answered. Support https://www.facebook.com/honorwoundedknee

We need to help Calvin Spotted Elk to right this wrong and remove the medals from the murders that day. Tweet, write or email the Obama administration to right this wrong and bring shame to the guilty. We also, should note that the Sioux not offered a proper burial of the slaughtered according to Sioux customs. This is another slap in the face to these great people.

In addition, the land, Wounded Knee, where the massacre occurred up for sale in 2013. To date no tribes have come forward to purchase this land and from what I read the deadline to do so passed. The land priced at 3.9 million, which may be overpriced. To date, I do not know if the land sold at auction yet. Read the info posted on the Facebook link above.

This website will provide images from that tragic day in South Dakota. http://history.denverlibrary.org/blog/content/wounded-knee.