Waldo Canyon Fire: Careless Actions or Arsonist

Update: 7/12/2012

KKTV News 11 has reported that the Waldo Canyon Fire is 100% contained. However that does not mean the fire is out. Firefighters are still on scene, but has significantly reduced from the estimated 1500 or so originally on scene during the height of the fire. Approximately 90 firefighters remain in service in the event of further flair ups.

The two bodies found at 2910 Rossmere Street were identified as William Everett, 74 and Barbara Everett, 73 according to KKTV News. The couple had not registered for the emergency evacuation notification service.

The crash in Montana took the lives of four and injured two individuals according to an update by CBS News. Continue reading


Executive Privilege – Abuse of Power or Necessary Evil

Bing Dictionary defines Executive Privilege as

“government right to secrecy of documents. The right of the president and other government officials in the executive branch to refuse to reveal confidential material if this would interfere with the administration’s ability to govern.”

Why is Executive Privilege necessary for the President of the United States? With three branches of government, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, should each have the ability to deny information to each other. I am not a lawyer, but in some instances yes. However, having said this, there are times this privilege could protect corruption between the Executive Branch and other governmental agencies.

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Twitter Shenanigans

Twitter Wars: Part Deux Trey

Update: 6/23/2012

Well here we are on my third suspension and Twitter has not bothered to address the issue of those who purposely spam block Conservative voices. Their latest trick and childish game is to focus on # hashtag entries. They seem to target #StopRush or #AnythingAboutObama. They do seem to leave alone well named Tweeters such as Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin or those who have large “syndicated” blogs. So us peon Conservative bloggers get targeted. However, in reading some of the new blogs, their seems to be a group of leftist who maintain 100’s of fake Twitter accounts and seem to be conducting some nefarious actions.

Since joining Twitter I have been amazed at some of the back and forth between Tweeters. I covered my first day in another post and how I found myself suspended via a known Twitter bug and the left’s exploit of that bug to implement the Spam block feature on those whom they disagree. My second suspension in less than one month, I understand some on their sixth to seventh suspension.

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