Who is Brett Kimberlin?

Update: 6/26/12 Another swatting occurred last night against Aaron Worthing aka Aaron Walker. According to Aaron the swatting occurred about 6 pm in the evening. Also the same day, coincidentally, the gag order was lifted by the courts that instructed Aaron not to even whisper, much less mention Brett Kimberlin in any form. There is no proof who instigated the swatting, but it is eerily similar to past swatting’s that have occurred.  Some speculate that Brett Kimberlin’s or a known follower called for the swatting. Time will tell I hope.

Even if Brett Kimberlin had no knowledge of this swatting, he should pass along to his faithful followers not to use any violence against those who tell the truth even regarding him. It may not be his truth, but it is the truth that has been documented by newspapers, authorities, and himself.

It is time for all to take a step back and see these tactics will not squelch anything, but serve to escalate tactics where an innocent person may be the victim of violence.

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The Cowards of The Left

I recently decided to join the Twitter family and start tweeting. On my first encounter with a radical lefty who “tweets” a few really vulgar words to S. E. Cupp, I admonished him for his words and suggested his mother must be so proud. I got four vulgar responses from him then he blocked me. I thought nothing of it until the next day, when I logged on and found out my account was suspended. Apparently, he initiated a group to spam block me. It took about three days to get my account back with no apologies from Twitter on this action. Twitter support seems to respond to suspended accounts quicker now.

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